Inspiration from fashion prescription sunglasses

Inspiration is very important for people who create arts. In fact, every of us need inspiration in our daily life. Recently, I have got inspiration from fashion prescription sunglasses.

It was like this. My cousin got divorced with her husband several years ago. Naturally, this woman got heart-broken and looked very gloomy every day. No matter how many times we kept telling her that she would find another good guy, she just could not move on. Finally, she agreed to go this blind dating with a man from neighbor state. The only thing she worried about was that she looked too sad and old—though she was not old at all. Therefore, we together bought a lot of fashionable clothes and cosmetics for her to decorate. However, it seemed always in lack of something on her face. Suddenly, this idea struck me like a bolt from the sky: she needed a pair of fashion prescription sunglasses! That was exactly what she needed to decorate her and add some personality. The other day, she and I went to a lot of big eyeglasses stores to find fashion prescription sunglasses and tried several pairs. The result was not that optimistic. For one thing, all those eyeglasses were too expensive for her. For another, the shop assistants were quite impatient with us and some of them even ignored our demand, not even gave us useful suggestions! We left those stores quite disappointingly that day. Then I thought of an online eyeglasses store selling various fashion prescription sunglasses at very low prices. Hearing this, my cousin said that she was not sure of buying eyeglasses on the internet. I assured her that I had heard a lot of my classmates sing highly of this store. On the one hand, the prices they offered were really very low since all the extra rent fees and so on were saved and went into the interest of the customers. On the other hand, they had a strict system of matching human faces with the eyeglasses frames and faces, which was very professional and reliable. Also, their policies on quality guarantee and exchange were very beneficial to the customers. And we should worry not at all about the service attitude. It turned out that my words were true and quickly we got her a pair of fashion prescription sunglasses happily!

With it, my cousin had a great time with the guy. Thanks to my inspirations about fashion prescription sunglasses and this store which offered me the chance, my cousin looked very confident and radiant now!